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Celebration Decorations
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Balloons are orbs of color that catch and hold a viewer's eye, lending themselves beautifully to a variety of decorative themes. We create colorful jewels, arches, floating crystals, imaginative character sculptures ... whatever you imagine to make your celebration unique and memorable.

  • A unique balloon arrangement celebrating the 95th birthday of woman who lovesvlife. 95th Birthday Marquee Decoration
  • a 7 foot tall Crown sculpture crafted from latex balloons for a King to celebrate Kings Day Fit for a King
  • a life size Formula 1 Race balloon race car for an airline promotion event Formula 1 Racer
  • a giant balloon front loader for a childrens birthday celebrtaion /> 
        <img class= Giant front loader birthday surprise
  • An 20 foot tall silver balloon sculpture of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate Bastille Day 2022 Bastille Day Eiffel Tower
  • alt="a 4 foot by 6 foot giant figure skate to celebtrate a skater's birthday" /> Giant Skate for Birthday Surprise
  • 5th Birthday Balloon Marquee for a sweet girl that loves all pink. 5th Birthday Marquee Arrangement
  • An 20 foot organic style balloon yard sign to announce a gender reveal event. New Baby Gender Reveal Celebration Yard Sign
  • An 30 foot wide organic style decoration in white latex balloons celebrating a wedding. Wedding Celebration Pool Decoration
  • An 10 foot organic style vine of copper and gold colored chrome balloons for an interior decor piece. Organic Vine Interior Decoration
  • Thi9s 80th birthday celebrant is still sailing strong in a birthday boat balloon sculpture 80th Birthday Boat
  • A six foot tall caricature-style balloon sculpture of a crusty old seaman in seaman's hat enjoying his balloon pipe for a sea theme party Old Salt the Seaman
  • Two garlands in 49ers colors flanking the entrance to a tailgate event Flanking Entrance Garlands
  • A 20 foot arch made of air filled pink balloons for a Minnie Mouse theme event Minnie Mouse Theme Event
  • A 10' long blue and white balloon sculpture of a biplane fly-by at San Jose Internaational Airport for a promotion by Alaska Airlines Biplane Fly-By for Alaska Airlines Promtion
  • An eight foot tall balloon sculpture opf a handbag for a shopping centere luggage sale promotion Shopping Center Promotion
  • A series of multicolored helium filled string-of-pearls style balloon arches span the atrium in this corporate location for a corporate employee event. Atrium Decor Arches
  • A giant five foot diametr mylar celestial sun ceiling decoration. Giant Celestial Sun Ceiling Decoration
  • These three balloon critter sculptures from the deep give add a playful look to a pool party. Pool Pal Critter Sculptures
  • A five foot tall balloon character sculpture of a trumpet playing Mariachi Mariachi Sculpture
  • This 20 foot long serpent slinks from its coiled tree perch to greet guests at a child's birthday Giant Pink Puffer Snake
  • These eight foot tall derby-theme columns are each topped by a mylar stallion.  They flank the entrance to a local pub promoting a Kentucky Derby day theme. Derby Day Columns
  • This 20' long sculpture of a Chinese dragon is for an Air China marketing event at the San Jose Airport. Air China Event
  • A five foot tall balloon sculpture of a seahorse created from agate and rose colored balloonswith gold mylar balloons for a mane is suspended from the ceiling as one of the decorations at an  under the sea theme party Sea Stallion
  • Six foot tall sculpture of muscular Wreck it Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph
  • This six foot tall San Jose State University Spartan logo was created for a student event. San Jose State Spartan Logo
  • Our five foot tall balloon sculpture Magic Mushrooms are created with rose colored stems topped by double-stuffed blue polka dot balloons Magic Mushrooms
  • This series of packed balloon arches in vivid magenta and citrine yellow colors are placed to decorate a long concourse hall between two event venues forming a visual tunnel focusing attention on the displays placed in the hall. Concourse Decoration Arches
  • This giant 30 foot tall carnival fun house style balloon clown is sculpted from of a variety of orange, yellow, red, and light blue balloons giving its legs, body and arms the look of a circus clown.  The 5 foot diameter head is adorned with a red nose, large smiling mouth and sideburns.  It is placed to set the theme to a corporate circus theme party so that guests to this event at the San Jose SAP arena must walk thru his legs to enter. Walk-Thru Clown Event Entrance Decoration
  • Unique Goblin balloon sculptures for a childrens party celebration Goblin-Critters Sculptures
  • This five foot tall balloon sculpture anchor is constructed from gold balloons and is topped by a line made from blue and white balloons. Anchors Aweigh
  • Balloonatics Old Big Bucks character balloon sculpture comes in formal dress wearing a ballon tuxedo with top hat and displays a classic large handlebar moustache Old Big Bucks
  • This six foot tall balloon character sculpture of a smiling physician complete with stethoscope ready to care for all Doctor Fix-Um
Balloonatics designs custom decorations to transform your venue, conveying your theme and creating an atmosphere to make your event memorable. Choose Balloonatics decorations for weddings, graduations, mitzvahs, births, birthdays, reunions, sports events, etc.

  • Seven foot tall walk-through Heart balloon sculpture entrance decoration for a wedding receptionr Giant Walk-through Heart Wedding Reception Sculpture
  • This 8 foot tall Snowy Owl balloon sculpture was created from white, silver and blue latex for a retirement party. Retirement Party Snowy Owl Decoration
  • This seven foot tall balloon sculpture of Candide was sculpted for a cast party which followed a high school presentation of 'Candide' Candide Sculpture for Cast Party
  • This glistening white bouncing string-of-pearls style balloon arch frames the entire area for an outdoor wedding reception at a bay area hotel. Bouncing String-of-Pearls Arch framing a wedding reception
  • This 60 foot long combination construction cranes balloon sculpture and connecting balloon arch was created as an entrance decoration 
        for a birthday party for a child that loved building equipment Birthday Construction Cranes Theme Decoration
  • This 5 foot tall balloon heart sculpture is suspended from the ceiling as a focal decoration at a wedding reception Wedding reception "Suspended Hearts" decoration
  • This six foot tall balloon critter sculpture of a stork was created for a baby shower Stork balloon sculpture for a baby shower
  • Candle centerpiece for a Mitzvah Mitzvah candle centerpiece
  • This six foot tall champange glass of clear and silver balloons is a great focal decoration for New Year's celebrations New Years celebrations
  • Balloon column topped by a graduation mortar board Mylar® balloon "Graduation Mortar Board" column
  • This eight foot tall snowman sculpture has personality and style with foamcor hat and mittens, and serves as a major focal decor piece for a holiday party. Winter Holiday parties
  • Baby Pacifier arch created for a poolside baby shower "Pacificer Arch" for a poolside baby shower
Corporate Events
We create a wide variety of decorations for business events of all sizes, including marketing and promotional events, awards and recognition events, and product introductions. Our unique decorations beautifully communicate the theme of your event while keeping costs within your budget.
  • Twelve foot tall gazebo constructed of white balloons to serve as a trade show booth Gazebo marketing event booth
  • Giant Red, White and Blue arch decoration for a trade show booth Giant Red, White and Blue trade show decoration
  • An aircraft vertical stabilizer balloon prop sculpture celebrating Ubnited Airlines 50 years of service at the San Jose International Airpor Celebrating United Airlines 50 Years at San Jose Airport
  • A 4 foot tall balloon logo sculpture of the NEST logo created as four individual air-filled letters for an event at NEST headquarters NEST corporate logo sculpture
  • A 7 foot tall balloon character logo sculpture created for an event at Linked in headquarters Linked in character sculpture
  • Swirled arch at store entrance for 30th anniversary sale event Store 30th Anniversary Celebration
  • Precision Cube Corporate logon Precision corporate logo for employee event
  • These arched balloon columns in corporate colors focus customers on a new Ferost Cupcake Factory store Arched marketing columns for Frost Cupcake Factory
  • Football goal post for a corporate trade show Goal post for tradeshow event
  • Olympic Rings for corporate competition event Olympic rings for corporate competition celebration
  • Garlands over ice arena for large corporate celebration Garland decor for a large employee celebration
  • Foamcor Magic Hat for corporate sales meeting "Magic Hat" prop for sales presentation
  • Twelve foot tall balloon sculpture sunflowers for a supermarket sales event "Giant Sunflower" sculpture decorations for a supermarket event
About Balloonatics
We are experts at designing unique customized balloon bouquets, centerpieces, sculptures, logos and special effects balloon drops for a wide variety of events and celebrations. We encourage and reward leadership, teamwork and creativity among our staff members, and you’ll find working with them is a lot of fun.

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