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Characters, Critters and Props
Balloonatics creates custom balloon sculptures that compliment and communicate your event theme. Our imaginative (yet cost-effective) bigger-than-life balloon sculptures add a quality of realism to an event that cannot be achieved with standard table and wall decor. The photos in these galleries show a variety of custom sculptures we can design for almost any occasion and event theme.
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Character Sculptures
Bring your event to life! Surround your guests with unique balloon or foam-core characters which reflect your theme. From life size to gigantic, fanciful to realistic, our characters fill the room with joy, color and whimsy.
  • Six foot tall balloon sculpture of Candide created as a decor piece for a cast party following a performance of the operetta Candide sculpture
  • A 5 foot tall balloon sculpture of Harry Potter complete with broom and wand sculptued for a theme event. Harry Potter
  • four foot tall balloon sculptures of trolls to serve as centerpieces at a childrens party A Pair of Trolls
  • Six foot tall sculpture of muscular Wreck it Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph
  • This 8 foot tall balloon sculptures of the  Statue of Libety was created for a San Jose California airport new fligt promotion Statue of Liberty
  • These 6 foot tall balloon sculptures of a pair of pirates are a sure hit for theme parties Pirate Pair
  • alt="This 4 foot tall shiney silver mylar balloon sculptures of a robot is a great centerpiece for a high tech event" /> Classic Chrome Robot
  • Balloon sculpture of a witch flying high on her broom as a ceiling decoration for a Halloween party "Broom Rider" sculpture for Halloween
  • 30' tall carnival style walk-thru clown balloon sculpture created for a Silicon Valley company party Walk-thru Clown sculpture
  • Fifteen foot tall balloon sculpture of Goldilocks with her long bright yellow braids holding a balloon bear Goldilocks holding one of the three bears
  • A 4' balloon sculpture of a boy with his Bright_Eyes balloon character
  • Balloon sculpture of a seaman created for a nautical theme party Old Salt the Seaman
  • This six-foot high balloon sculpture of a classic Wall Street bank character wears a ballon tuxedo with top hat, and displays a large handlebar moustache Old Big Bucks
  • Balloon sculpture of the Inquisitor created for a cast party following a performance of The Inquisitor sculpture
  • Spiderman balloon sculpture Spiderman
  • Red Riding Hood balloon sculpture for a nursery rhyme theme event Red Riding Hood sculpture
  • Goldilocks balloon sculpture for a nursery rhyme theme event Goldilocks
  • Six foot tall balloon sculpture of a forest ranger for an employee event Forest Ranger sculpture
  • Balloon sculptures of three six-foot tall carolers for a corporate holiday party Carolers sculpture
  • 20 foot tall balloon sculpture of a cowboy with lasoo and bowed legs framing the entrance to a wild west theme party Walk-thru Cowboy sculpture
  • Balloonatics cure-all-ills life-size caricature sculpture of a doctor brings a smile to all who see him Dr. Fix-Um caricature sculpture
  • This pair of five foot tall balloon balloon sculpture hula dancers appear to be dancing with their colorful non-round balloon hula skirts Hula Dancers
  • 8' tall balloon sculpture of the Wizzard in flowing robes for a children's theme event The Wizzard
Balloon Critter Creations
Balloonatics creates critters you have seen (and those you have never seen)! From mermaids to seahorses to elephants to dragons, ... our celebration artists can invent balloon sculptures that are only limited by your imagination.
  • Balloon sculpture of a dragon for a Chinese New Year party Dragon sculpture
  • This 20 foot long serpent slinks from its coiled tree perch to greet guests at a child's birthday Giant Pink Puffer Snake
  • This 8 foot tall Snowy Owl balloon sculpture was created from white, silver and blue latex for a retirement party. Snowy Owl
  • This 10 foot long balloon sculpture of a friendly walrus was created from brown balloons of different shapes for a theme birthday party. Wise Walrus
  • A giant 30 foot long serpent of blue balloons partially coiled in a large tree is one of the decorations for a children's birthday party.. Giant Blue Blaster Tree Serpent
  • This giant 8' tall balloon sculpture of a red lobster is for a business promotion. Lobster Sculpture for Business Promotion
  • This 20' long sculpture of a Chinese dragon is for an Air China marketing event at the San Jose Airport. Air China Dragon Sculpture
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant mermaid created for a commercial booth at a trade fair Mermaid sculpture
  • A 4 foot tall sculpture of a penguin created from black and white balloons as a buffet table centerpiece Penguin sculpture
  • Giant six-foot tall balloon seahorse focal decoration sculpture for an under-the-sea theme event Sea Stallion
  • These three goblin balloon sculptures were created for a childrens party Goblins Critter Balloon Sculptures
  • These three balloon critter sculptures from the deep give add a playful look to a pool party. Pool Pal Critters
  • A balloon sculpture ofa six foot tall red bull holding a basketball for a Chicago Bulls theme party Chicago Bull sculpture
  • A white balloon sculpture of a carousel horse Carousel Horse
  • Balloonatics Cat-in-the-Hat balloon sculpture Cat-in-the-Hat Balloon Creation
  • A balloon sculpture of a lion created for a Whole Foods Market promotion King-of-the-Jungle
  • This 20 foot tall Cheshire Cat balloon sculpture was created for an event in Dallas, Texas The Cheshire Cat
  • Giant octopus balloon sculpture with its outstretched arms serving as a ceiling decoration for a sea theme party Giant Octopus sculpture
  • Sponge Bob balloon sculpture creation Sponge Bob sculpture
  • Giant five foot tall sculpture of a show poodle createed from black latex balloons Pet Poodle
  • Giant yellow and white balloon sculpture of a starfish Starfish sculpture
Custom Props
Our artists use a variety of materials, including Foamcor® as well as balloons, to create custom props for a wide range of occasions from corporate events to theme parties to life celebrations.
  • alt="a 4 foot by 6 foot giant figure skate to celebtrate a skater's birthday" /> Giant Skate for Birthday Surprise
  • alt="a 7 foot tall frog balloon sculpture holding flag to celebrate July 4th at JFrog /> JFrog Frog
  • alt="a 7 foot tall Crown sculpture crafted from latex balloons for a King to celebrate "Kings Day" " /> Fit for a King
  • alt="a life size Formula 1 Race balloon race car for an airline promotion event" /> Formula 1 Racer
  • alt="a giant balloon front loader for a childrens birthday celebrtaion /> Giant front loader birthday surprise
  • alt="a 4 foot by 8 foot giant relief sculpture of the human brain for a business event" /> Organic Style Vine Courtyard Decoration
  • a giant eight foot wide foamcor sculpture of an artist's pallet with jewel balloons used as the Artist's pallet
  • eight foot tall sculpture of a giant mug of beer. Octoberfest Giant Brew
  • Thi9s 80th birthday celebrant is still sailing strong in a birthday boat balloon sculpture 80th Birthday Boat
  • A giant six foot tall balloon sculpture bicycle promoting Bike-to-Work day Bike-to-Work Day Promotion
  • Balloon Rainbow Backdrop for Bat Mitzvah Celebration. Backdrop for Bat Mitzvah Celebration
  • An 20 foot organic style balloon yard sign to announce a gender reveal event. Organic Blossom Wall
  • An 20 foot tall silver balloon sculpture of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate Bastille Day 2022 Eiffel Tower Celebrating Bastille Day
  • Ten foot wide relief style balloon sculpture of the human brain for a technology company Relief Sculpture of Brain
  • alt="This four foot diameter wall decoration creation combines various balloons to spell and communicate a message of caring and love"/> Love Ring decoration
  • This six foot tall San Jose State University Spartan logo was created for a student event. San Jose State Spartan Logo
  • 3 foot tall colorful fantasy mushrooms Giant fantasy mushrooms
  • 6' tall Foamcor® silhouette of a jazzman with his sax Foamcor® Silhouette Jazzman
  • An 30 foot wide organic style decoration in white latex balloons celebrating a wedding. Wedding Celebration Pool Decoration
  • 7 foot tall sculpture of a cherry soda used as part of the decor for a fifties party Bigger-than-life cherry soda
  • a 6 foot tall bunch of zinfandel grapes for a wine tasting event Wine grapes sculpture
  • A six foot tall balloon sculpture of a gold colored anchor complete with line Giant anchor sculpture
  •  a giant fruit bowl balloon hat for a Carmen Miranda prop at a fund raising event Carmen Miranda
  • Decor columns for a casino party "Casino Games" columns
  • A fifteen foot tall balloon sculpture of a breast cancer ribbon for a fund raising event "Breast Cancer Awareness" ribbon
  • 7 foot tall giant fantasy flowers for an Easter brunch event
  • a striking white gazebo constructed from balloons for a trade show booth Gazebo Event Booth
  • Giant six foot circular balloon frame to highlight products for commercial or celebration events Organic Circular Garland
  • Olympic style rings with lined with lights used in a focal decoration for the conclusion of a corporate olympic competition Olympic rings
  • a giant Mardi Gras mask constructed from balloons and foamcor < img class="thumb" src="../_images/rotatorimage-decor/prop-mardigrasmask.jpg" /> Mardi Gras mask
  • An eight foot tall balloon sculpture opf a handbag for a shopping centere luggage sale promotion Giant Handbag for Shopping Center Promotion
  • A five foot diameter poinsettia construced for a holiday party Giant Poinsettia
Balloonatics artists create high visibility theme-oriented signs from a variety of materials for a wide range of events, from birthdays to mitzvahs to corporate events.
  • a giant suspended #18 for an 18th birthday celebration at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel 18th birthday celebration sign
  • An 20 foot organic style balloon yard sign to announce a gender reveal event. New Baby Gender Reveal Celebration Yard Sign
  • Foamcore greeting sign for a candy theme mitzvah adorned with balloon candies "Zack's Candy Store"-themed bar mitzvah sign
  • 6 foot tall Blue Ribbon entrance sign for a Mothers' Day brunch event Mothers' Day "Blue Ribbon" sign
  • ISO9002 in balloon letterss for a corporate quality event Corporate ISO9002 Quality Assurance event sign
  • Giant name sign created in colorful twisted balloons "Cory" name greeting sign
  • Foamcore name board for a Bar Mitzvah with a baseball theme Baseball-themed bar mitzvah name board
  • Giant sign spelling out the name of an event celebrant made or swirled balloon letters with interwoven lights Swirled balloon name sign with lights
  • Foamcor name board for a movies theme Bat Mitzvah event "Movies"-themed bat mitzvah name board
  • Name sign arch with mylar letter balloons Arch-style name sign in mylar letters
  • An 30 foot wide organic style decoration in white latex balloons celebrating a wedding. Wedding Celebration Pool Decoration
  • An 30 foot long balloon sign wall of varing size blue balloons giving an organic appearnce. Organic-Style Balloon Sign Wall for Corporate Event
  • Bat Mitzvah name sign arch with mylar letter balloons Mylar bat mitzvah letter name sign
  • Script style name sign created with minitaure mylar heart balloons Script-style name sign of miniature heart balloons
Our large-scale logos give superb visibility to your corporate signature. They provide exceptional recognition or distinction in sporting, marketing and trade show events, as well as for large venue employee events.
  • a giant balloon and foamcor sculpture of the Shark's logo San Jose Shark's™ logo
  • Giant precision cube corporate logo for an outdoor employee event 3-D corporate logo
  • Giant suspended 5' balloon covered triangles logo for a corporate party Giant triangles corporate logo
  • Giant Facebook logo created from balloons for a Facebook corporate party Facebook™ logo
  • Giant American Airlines logo created from balloons for a marketing event American Airlines™ logo
  • A seven foot tall balloon sculpture of a Nest Cam Camera serving as a lobby decor piece Nest Cam Camera Sculpture
  • Precision logo created from balloons and foamcor for a Silicone Valley company Precision foamcor & balloon logo