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Theme Event Decorations
If you can imagine it, we can create it! Creative theme décor will enhance your party, celebration, fund raiser, or corporate event. The sky’s the limit when it comes to theme ideas: sports, movies, nature, music, games, pastimes or workplace themes. Almost any idea can come alive with colorful custom decorations created from balloons, FoamCor®, fabric, and lighting. Our celebration artists specialize in working with you to turn your ideas and event venue into your unique theme experience. Call Balloonatics and let us present our unique decoration ideas to help make your theme a reality. Our goal is to provide unforgettable decor for your themed event.
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Old West Theme Event
Balloonatics can create giant cowboy entrance decorations, life-size cowboy & cowgirl figures, cactus, etc. from balloons and foamcore.
  • A giant two-story tall cowboy balloon sculpture with his bow legs stradling the entrance doors to a wewtern theme event Walk-through cowboy entrance decoration
  • A pair of giant balloon sculpture cactus with a connecting balloon arch flanking the entrance to a western theme party Room entrance decoration
  • A sparkling silver colored centerpiece consisting of a six gun and western hat for a western theme event Western-themed six gun centerpiece
  • A silver colored cowboy boot topped by a cowboy hat serves a centerpiece for a western theme event Cowboy boot centerpiece
  • A giant balloon sculpture cactus is one of the area decorations at this western theme event Balloon sculpture cactus area decoration
"Casino-Themed" Events
Our celebration artists can transform your venue into a fun casino gaming world for your next theme party or event.
  • A 7 foot tall balloon column figure holding the ace of hearts serves as an area decoration for casino theme parties Ace of hearts casino column
  • A 7 foot tall balloon column figure holding the ace of spades serves as an area decoration for casino theme parties Ace of spades casino greeter column
  • A 7 foot tall foamcore cutout of a cabaret girl Casino cabaret girl FoamCor® prop
  • A red and black balloon column serves as an area decoration for casino theme events Card column casino area decoration
  • A red, white and black balloon column topped by a giant playing card and dice balloons serves as an area decoration for casino theme events Casino games column decoration
  • Table centerpiece of carnival / casino style decorative masks Casino / carnival masks table centerpiece
  • A casino card theme table centerpiece Card-themed table centerpiece
  • A carnival style casino table centerpiece of giant feathers Carnival-style feathers centerpiece
  • A table centerpiece consisting of a black hat with a full house suite of cards Full house table centerpiece
  • A magic style hat filled with cards for casino events that include a magic theme Magic hat casino centerpiece
  • A 7 foot tall balloon column greeter figure of gold and magenta balloons topped by a white Gold and magenta casino event greeter column
  • A red and black balloon column serves as an area decoration for casino theme events Swirled card column area decoration
Sea Theme Events
Underwater and sea themes are among the most popular designs we create, due to their fanciful shapes and beautiful colors.
  • A giant suspended ballon sculpture of a blue tropical fish creates an underwater atmosphere Giant suspended tropical fish
  • A giant anchor balloon sculpture on the Giant anchor on the shore
  • A giant suspended ballon sculpture of a blue tropical fish creates an underwater atmosphere Undersea-themed bubble vines
  • RotatorImage-decor/char-seaman.jpg Balloon sculpture of a seaman created for a nautical theme party "Old Salt" the seaman
  • A giant suspended mobile of mylar balloon tropical fish creates the illusion of being in the sea for this event Fish school mobile decoration
  • A giant red balloon bucket sculpture suspended from the ceiling gives the feeling of playing on the seashore Suspended sand play bucket
  • A 6 foot tall ballon mermaid sculpture adds a mystical look to this underwater theme party Mermaid balloon creation
  • A 6 foot tall ballon suspended seahorse sculpture appears to swim for this underwater theme party Suspended Sea Stallion for an Underwater Theme Event
  • A four foot diameter yellow starfish balloon sculpture serving as a wall decoration for this underwater theme event Starfish wall decoration
50's Theme
Our decoration artists can change your venue into a recreation of the fifties with giant sodas, jukeboxes, poodle skirt dancers.
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant cherry soda in a crystal balloon glass brings back 50's memories Giant cherry soda
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant boom box Giant boombox
  • Balloon sculpture of Elvis "Elvis" balloon creation
  • A lifesize 50's rocker girle balloon sculpture Fifties rocker sculpture
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant musical jukebox Oversize jukebox balloon sculpture
Tales and Fairy Tales
Balloonatics bigger than life characters from the tales and stories of younger years bring to life to a variety of childhood story themes
  • Fifteen foot tall balloon sculpture of Goldilocks with her long bright yellow braids holding a balloon bear Goldilocks holding one of the three bears
  • This pearl white balloon good fairy floats from a venue ceiling providing a decor that encompasses party goers from above Good fairy
  • A touch of Dr. Suess from a 6 foot tall Cat in the HAT Balloon sculpture Cat-in-the-Hat sculpture
  • Fiery dragons abound in tales of old.  Our 8 foot tall balloon dragon can fit a number of tales Fiery dragon sSculpture
  • An 8 foot tall giant Mad Hatter's Teapot for Alice in Wonderland themem parties Mad Hatter's teapot
  • Balloon magical mushrooms add decor to Alice in Wonderland parties Magical mushrooms sculptures
  • Balloon sculpture of Candide created as a decor piece for a cast party following a performance of Goldilocks balloon sculpture
  • Balloonatics Princess Jasmine balloon sculpture adds the maagic of Alladin to your theme party Princess Jasmine sculpture
  • This 6 foot Rapunzel balloon sculpture character brings the Brothers Grimm to your event Rapunzel sculpture
  • Balloon sculpture of Red Riding Hood on her way to grandmother's house Red Riding Hood sculpture
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant treasure chest to accent tales of pirates and bounty Giant balloon treasure chest
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant wizzard supports many tales of magic and mystery The Wizzard sculpture
Holiday Toy Land
Balloonatics artists will create oversize toy creations to immerse your guests in a magical world for holiday events
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant rocking horse suspended from this event ceiling to create the impression that guests are surrounded by toys bigger than they are Floating rocking horse toy
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant 8 foot tall candy cane Super-sized candy cane
  • Balloon sculpture of a super size colorful holiday ornaments carries the holiday decor theme throughout this venue Gaint holiday ornaments
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant 10 foot tall snowman Snowman with character
  • Balloon sculpture of a giant toy drum complete with drumsticks suspended from the ceiling Giant toy drum ceiling decoration
  • This toy drum centerpiece carries the toyland theme to every table Toy drum centerpiece