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New Year's Party Decorations
Balloonatics holiday and New Year's party decorations range from festive and colorful to classic and formal for black tie events. Balloonatics is also a leading supplier of balloon drops customized to the size and ceiling height of your venue. Our balloon drops can be color coordinated to your decor. The photos in this gallery show a variety of designs for New Year’s Eve which we can customize for your party or special event.
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Room and Venue Decor

Room and venue decorations communicate the spirit and colors of your event theme, and can transform your venue into the world of your choosing for your holiday party guests.
  • This 100 foot long swirled garland of gold, white and silver balloons framed the entrance to the San Jose Fairmont Hotel New Year's events. Grand Entrance Garland at the San Jose Fairmont
  • these arches of jewel tone balloons were placed above the escalator to provide a color filled guiide to New Year events. Accent Arches to Guide Guests to New Year's Party/span>
  • This ballroom decoration consists of a clear thirty inch center balloon suspended from the center ceiling with tulle streamers and twinkle lights radiating out like the spokes of a wheel. Tulle and Lights Ceiling Decoration
  • These ten foot tall swirled columns of white, clear, and gold provide an elegant background decoration for this grand piano Bubble Column Decoration
  • A swirled arch of gold and black balloons frames the entrance to this restaurant with a look of elegance. New Year's Eve Restaurant Entrance Decoration
  • An eight foot tall formal balloon greeter figure of black and white balloons. New Year's Eve Tuxedo Greeter
  • This bubble decoration made of silver mylar vertical balloons with pale blue balloon collars is topped by a large saphire blue balloon with snow flake designs Silver Ice Bubble Decoration
  • The ceiling above this dance floor is filled with floating black and white balloons each suspending a mylar streamer. Floating Streamer Dance Floor Decorationr
  • This six foot tall champange glass of clear and silver balloons is a great focal decoration for New Year's celebrations Giant Crystal Champagne Glass Ceiling Decoration

Balloonatics designer centerpieces can enhance the character or theme of your gathering, adding beauty and content to your memorable event. We can create unique centerpieces that are central to your theme.
  • Clusters of gold and white latex balloons topped by a silver mylar star balloon float above an 18 inch tall gold urn to provide an elegant classic table cetnerpiece Gold Urn Classic Decor Centerpiecen
  • This centerpiece consists of a black 30 inch bubble balloon adorned with white starburst designs and gold and black collar balloons floats five feet above each table from a decorative base Classic Black Starburst Bubble Centerpiece
  • This 30 inch diameter white hot air style centerpiece can be created in holiday colors to complement your decor.  It serves as a cheerful guest table or buffet table decoration Hot Air Balloon Style Centerpiece /span>
  • The tables in this room are decorated with clear 30 inch magical bubble balloon centerpieces adorned with white stars with a blue balloon inside each bubble. Stars Around Magical Bubble Centerpieces/span>
  • This glitzy mylar centrpiece candle holding centerpiece puts sparkle on guest tables Silver Sparkles Candle Centerpiece
  • These 24 incht tall mylar centerpiece creation can be made in the colors of your choice to match your decoration color theme. Sparkling Stars Centerpiece
Balloon Drops

We provide balloon drops in a variety of shapes, sizes and types, including color-coordinated drops to accent decor themes, drops with large balloons that party goers can play with, drops for low-ceiling-height venues, and drops that explode on a signal, spraying confetti.
  • Net balloon drop of black and white colored balloons for a formal decor style event Net Drop for Formal Event
  • Black & gold colored net style balloon drop Black & Gold Decor Drop
  • Net Style Drop of Orange and Gold Balloons Net Style Drop of Orange and Gold Balloons
  • Exploding style balloon drop using 30 inch black and white balloons for the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose Exploding Style Balloon Drop-Before Midnight
  • Exploding balloon drop immediately after detonation Exploding Balloon Drop-After Midnight
  • a net balloon drop of black and white balloons rigged over the dance floor in lobby of the San Jose Fairmont Hotel Fairmont Hotel Lobby Balloon Drop
  • Exploding style balloon drop using 30 inch jewel color balloons Jewel Color Exploding Balloon Drop