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Halloween Party Decorations
Ghosts, goblins, witches, scarecrows, spiders, eyeballs, pumpkins, skeletons, ghouls, monsters, spells, spooks, gremlins, warlocks .... Balloonatics can create all of these and any other frightening object of your imagination in colorful, magical, three-dimensional balloon decorations.
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Venue Decor
Balloonatics sculptures can transform an interior or exterior venue into a creepy crawly world for your Halloween party.
  • This 20 foot tall long giant balloon sculpture spider spider wraps this Silicon Valley office building in its web. Giant spider devours building
  • Halloween parties are not complete without several balloon sculpture black cats. Black Cat
  • This giant balloon spider sculpture decorates an outdoor play area for a Halloween event. Spider Play Area
  • This twenty foot tall chandelier was created from clear, silver and gold balloons.  Each chandelier ring is infused with twinkle lights giving it a haunted appearance for a Halloween venue. Haunted Chandelier
  • These 30 inch diameter orange balloon bubbles are created with collars of orange and black balloons to serve as area decorations visually carrying the Halloween theme throughout a venue Orange and Black Bubble Area Decor
  • This lime green and orange swirled-style balloon arch is topped by floating Halloween critters serving as the entrance decoration for a Halloween event Halloween Event Entrance Arch
  • A series of orange 30 inch diameter pumpkin balloons with green vine accents arranged on an elevated surface as a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin Patch
  • This bubble decoration made of silver mylar vertical balloons with pale blue balloon collars is topped by a large saphire blue balloon with snow flake designs Small Spider
  • These floating white 30 inch diameter balloons are decorated with faces and covered with white ghostly gauze-like tule Ghost Bubbles
  • These small pumpkin balloon sculptures are created from non-round balloons 260 Jackolanterns
Halloween Critters
Balloonatics can create Halloween creature sculptures that are central to your theme.
  • A seven foot tall bearded balloon sculpture wizzard in a quartz balloon robe Wizzard
  • This 20 foot long serpent slinks from its coiled tree perch to greet guests at a child's birthday Giant Pink Puffer Snake
  • A scary seven foot tall orange and black column topped by a giant staring blood-shot eyeball Cyclops Column
  • A five foot tall balloon mymmy sculpture dripping its mymmy wrapings all in ghostly white Mummified Mummy
  • These three goblin balloon sculptures were created for a childrens party Gate Goblins
  • A balloon witch sculpture flying on her broomstick as a ceiling decoration for a halloween event Witch on Broom
  • A seven foot tall balloon sculpture of Spiderman Spiderman
  • A six foot tall balloon sculptire of a scarecrow complete with coveralls and an ear of corn. Scarecrow
  • This glitzy mylar centrpiece candle holding centerpiece puts sparkle on guest tables Harvest Henrietta
  • A six foot tall balloon ghoul sculpture with a green mylar balloon face. Greenfaced Ghoul
  • A six foot tall balloon frankenstein monster. Freaky Frank